Jewelry Appraisals




 Munn's Diamond Gallery provides professional jewelry appraisal services on our premises.   Whether you have a single piece or an entire collection, you can rely on our experience and expertise to accurately authenticate and evaluate your jewelry and heirlooms.  You'll want to know that some stores send your jewelry out of town for appraisal work.  But not at Munn's! We provide a safe, convenient environment to appraise your jewelry so you'll have less worry and more peace of mind. 


Verbal appraisals are done at no charge!  If you just want to know approximately what a piece is worth, we can do that.  If you want to know if your diamond is real, we can do that, too.


If you need a written appraisal for insurance purposes, to settle an estate, or to provide documentation for resale, we can do that.  The most common written jewelry appraisals fall into two categories;

      1.  Replacement Value Appraisals (also known as Retail Replacement or Insurance Replacement Appraisals)

      2.  Estate Appraisals (sometimes referred to as Fair Market Value Appraisals)


Simply bring your items in and we'll get the process started.  Most appraisals are completed within a 3 to 5 day period.   Appraisal fees are based on the time needed for examination and preparaton of documents.   Prices start at $65 for items containing one to five stones.   Appraisals contain item descriptions, gemological characteristics of gemstones, metal purity confirmation, and values reflective of the current market.   It is important to have your jewelry items properly documented and accurately valued should the need for replacement and/or identification become necessary.