We want you, and your jewelry, to look great!

At Munn's, we're happy to clean and inspect your jewelry anytime.  It's always free, and done while you wait! 

What if I didn't buy my item from you?  No problem!  Regardless of the place of purchase,  we'd like to earn your trust by showing you our personal service and attention to detail.

Our Five-Step cleaning process will make your fine jewelry look like new in a matter of minutes!   It's amazing what a little clean up and polishing can do for old, tired looking jewelry.   Refer a friend or relative into our store for any of the above services, as well.  It's one of our most common introductions and quite possibly the reason why our service department continues to grow every year.  Make professional jewelry cleaning and inspection by Munn's a regular part of your schedule.   For items that are worn regularly we suggest every three to four months.   


FAQ about cleaning jewelry;

Q:  How do I clean my diamond ring?  

A:  Jewelry cleaner and a toothbrush is best.  In a pinch you can dilute Windex and water or a little ammonia and water.  After a 1 to 2 minute soak, work the bristles in and around the back of the stone(s) in between the prongs.   Plug or block the drain before you begin.  Do not use chlorinated cleaners.   Additionally,  know that it is best to remove gold and silver jewelry before entering a swimming pool or hot tub.  The chlorinated additives will react with many of the alloys causing etching or removal resulting in irreversible damage.    

Q:  Can I clean my pearl strand?

A:  Yes, but use a dry cloth only.  Wipe away skin oils and cosmetic residue after each wearing.  Note: never spray or apply perfumes or hairspray while wearing pearls as the alcohol contents will damage and discolor pearl surfaces.

Q:  How do I clean my silver jewelry, especially hard to reach spots?

A:  Most silver jewelry requires regular care.  You can clean it yourself using a silver cleaning cloth or a silver polish to remove tarnish.   Or you can bring it into Munn's for professional care. 


At-Home Silver Cleaning Recipe:

Fold a small sheet of aluminum foil (shiny side up) into a flattened bowl shape.   (approx 3x3 or 4x4 inches.)  Combine 4 Tablespoons Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda with hot water (as hot as possible from tap)  into a non-metallic bowl.   (We use a glass bowl)  Let the washing soda dissolve in the water for a minute, stirring with a non-metallic (plastic or rubber) utensil.  Place silver items to be cleaned into the foil bow then place it (the foil bowl with the jewelry in it) into the water solution for 1-2 minutes.  Best to clean one or two items at a time and to keep the items from touching each other as much as possible.   The solution will bubble and fizz a little while the reaction causes the silver tarnish to loosen and subside. Remove items from bowl, wipe off tarnish residue and rinse with warm water.  Dry with cloth and you're done!   Clean each item with a fresh start of all ingredients.