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“Kelim means the warmth of something handmade” – Meral Sartekin, Designer and Co-Founder of Kelim Jewelry Design

Clean lines and brilliant design characterize Kelim jewelry. Inspired originally by the patterns in kelims, the traditional woven carpets of Turkey, there is a rich diversity in the collection that includes over 500 organic and geometric designs that are both feminine and timeless.

Kelim's sterling silver styles are influenced by the natural beauty of both Turkish and Swiss cultures. Each piece is hand crafted and finished and we believe that the warmth of that touch is passed into the jewelry. Most of our jewelry is matte 925 sterling silver with a fine silver finish. We also incorporate semi-precious stones such as onyx, fluorite, and coral.

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*This is just a sampling of our jewelry.  Come in to our store to see an amazing variety of designs.  

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