We buy gold!

Munn's Diamond Gallery is the leader in central PA Gold Buying. Here's why:  

    • We take time to test, verify, explain and demonstrate your metal melt-down value with you. We take the time needed to help you understand the melt-down value market and what you should get for your gold and other precious metals.
    • We display the daily market prices offered by the industry and comply with all local regulations concerning the buying and selling of precious metals. We offer the highest possible prices on all three precious metal types including gold, silver, and platinum.  
    • We take the time necessary to separate 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22K gold, assuring clients of the highest possible returns. Many shops and most of the hotel buyers will hastily clump gold into one category, denying customers of the proper higher amounts that finer purity gold alloys should bring. We're not throwing other metal buyers under the bus, these are statements from clients in our store. Many times dealers do not even weigh items properly or at all, but rather simply throw out a dollar figure in an attempt to save time and hoodwink the client.

At Munn's, the metal buying transaction is viewed as an inlet and introduction to our store and our people, as well as an opportunity to show you our selection, the services we provide, and the ethos of our company. In exchange, we give you honest representation and fair valuations for your jewelry metal melt-down value. It's the only way we'd have it.



As part of our mission to support our community, Munn's works with local churches and other charitable organizations.  Sometimes the jewelry that customers bring in doesn't have great monetary value.  When this happens, we donate the jewelry to local non-profits who can put it to good use.  Often times the jewelry is sold at fundraisers or given to people who may not be able to afford their own.  To learn more about this opportunity to help our community, call or stop by to talk with Christopher Munn.